The MSF movement

At first, Médecins Sans Frontières consisted of a handful of doctors who travelled all over the world to treat those in need... But quickly, the idea spread. MSF is now a movement of non-profit organisations which brings together more than 30,000 people.

The international board

The national and regional Médecins Sans Frontières associations, individual members, and the International President are all members of Médecins Sans Frontières International, the entity that safeguards the identity of the Médecins Sans Frontières Movement.

The Board of Médecins Sans Frontières International is based in Geneva. It provides coordination and information to support the MSF movement, and implements international projects and initiatives as requested. The Board is chaired by the International President. 

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Other ESCS (European Supply Centers)

Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique is not the only purchasing and supply centre in the Médecins Sans Frontières Movement. Two other centres are part of the humanitarian supply chain: MSF Supply based in Brussels and APU based in Amsterdam. 

  • MSF Supply supplies Médecins Sans Frontières missions with equipment and medicine for ongoing programmes and emergency responses (displaced populations, epidemics, natural disasters, conflicts, etc.). It encompasses all supply chain fields and is certified as a Pharmaceutical Establishment, Bonded Warehouse, and Humanitarian Procurement Centre
  • APU (Amsterdam Procurement Unit is the purchasing centre for Médecins Sans Frontières Holland. Unlike Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique and MSF Supply, which are logistics and storage centres, APU is a buying entity that purchases supplies in response to orders placed by missions.

The 5 operational centers

Each organisation is linked to one of five MSF operational centres: Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Operations are managed from one of these centres. Each operational centre has its own organisation and its own partner associations.