Jacques Pinel Center

Since 2001, 10,000 m² of the 80,000-m² Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique site in Mérignac have been used to train logistics teams and test equipment. Their infrastructure is currently being renovated, and new buildings will be built to create the Jacques Pinel Centre.


Médecins Sans Frontières constantly strives to improve our practices and adapt to changes in the environments in which we work. Staff training and logistics innovation are two key contributors to the efficacy of our actions in the field.

Training as a key to professional development

Throughout their time at Médecins Sans Frontières, field staff in all professions take part in trainings to prepare for the variety of environments and missions they participate in: preparing for a first mission, leading a vaccination campaign, managing a cholera treatment centre, managing a hospital, training medical coordinators and humanitarian logistics coordinators, etc.

All field staff (medical, logistics, administrative) are trained at the same site, thus preparing for the teamwork that will be required of them during their missions.

The new training centre will be organised like a model mission that reproduces conditions in the field to train logistics and medical personnel..

Innovation in logistics

Adapting our modes of action, our equipment, and our procurement and transport practices is critical to ensuring that Médecins Sans Frontières reaches our objectives of providing quality treatment and assistance regardless of the terrain and the conditions, all while keeping costs down.

During the past few decades, major logistics innovations such as modular inflatable hospitals and medical kits have helped improve emergency humanitarian medical practices.

This innovation platform will allow us to develop and test new equipment, systems, or protocols related to humanitarian logistics.

The Jacques Pinel Centre’s proximity to the Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique Supply Centre is thus a major advantage, since equipment can be tested and approved before being sent to the field.

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