Testimony : A new website for Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique

Testimony : A new website for Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique

After a year of hard work, Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique is pleased to present our new website. The new site features both aesthetic and technical improvements, and is also fully responsive.

In 2016, Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique decided to redesign our institutional website. The idea was to create an institutional site that would bolster the image of Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique with the general public as well as our suppliers and partners. We also wanted to draw attention to the great work we do by providing visitors with quality, up-to-date, and reliable information. The project was preceded by the creation of a digital strategic framework, and was led by Emilie Hay – Communications Officer for Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique through an alternance programme.

After a year of hard work, does the result meet the expectations of the project team?

Yes, we are really happy with the result! We were able to combine technical features with graphic design and architectural requirements, which was no easy feat given that the original site dated from 2008. The strategic framework that was drafted in 2016 allowed us to clearly define the project scope. The rest of the work was based on a collaboration between our service provider, the IT support team, and staff. Of course, the website will keep evolving, but that's the purpose of website: to be dynamic, evolve, change, and grow!

What did you most appreciate about this project?

This project gave me the opportunity to work with a number of different people. A website can't be built in isolation, especially since Médecins Sans Frontières Logistique is part of a large movement. It was therefore critical to work with everyone, in order to understand their technical, creative, and IT requirements to better meet their needs. So I'd say that what I appreciated most was the trust placed in me by the project team, management, and employees.

What was most difficult?

As with all projects, there were highs and lows. The hardest thing was confronting mistakes we made and figuring out how to bounce back and keep the project moving forward, so as not to affect the team involved. 

What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memory is undoubtedly the benchmark that we created in Europe with Médecins du Monde, Médecins Sans Frontières France, Médecins Sans Frontières Belgium, and Médecins Sans Frontières Holland. Beyond the fact that I really enjoyed my travels, I was thrilled to be able to speak with others to hear their opinions and advice. This allowed us to question our preconceived ideas and improve our project. 

What are the website's new features?

The most significant new feature is the separation between institutional and operational information. Simply put, the site is a showcase for MSF Logistique that presents a great deal of institutional information. We have also set up a secure portal that gives our partners access to operational information. The second new feature is that we made the website responsive. It is now accessible via smartphones and tablets, which is more practical for people working in the field. 

What are the next steps for this project?

We're currently discussing several options. But the first thing is that we really want to bring the website to life.  The other related projects, the intranet and extranet, are more technical and require large investments both in terms of budgets and staffing.

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